Have you been to Cap d’Agde nudist village resort yet ???  Ok, we are going to assume that you don’t know anything about it but may have only heard bits and pieces.  Take heart, we are here to lay it all out for you.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know and rest assured that you are getting this from people who have been there many, many times and have attended all the restaurants, bars, clubs and beaches on the premises. We know it all and we will tell it to you like it is.

The first time we went there we drove by car from Cannes, France. It took us about 4 hours and 15 minutes and about 33 Euros on highway tolls. You can also fly into Montpellier and drive about an hour or so and you can take a train to Agde and a cab will take you to the gates of Nudist village for about 30 Euros – Sept. 2011 prices.

sometimes its so nice just to be alone…

The best times to go are from mid May to end of September and at the latest the first week of October. Many restaurants close at this time until next May. Month of August is when Italians rush to this place and they can make it much more fun.

Its a beautiful drive specialy after you take the turn off for Cap d’Agde which is Bezziers / Cap d’Agde.

After you take this turn off you are about 35 minutes away from the glorious gates of the Nudist Village. Follow the signs towards ” Naturism ” and you’ll be fine.

This is the main gate for entrace to Cap d’Agde nudits village. There is  security guard there making sure you’ve got the decal on your window which signifies that you’ve paid the entrance fee. Pull to the right and park your car and enter the office to pay for your daily, weekly or longer pass. You are now seconds away from entering one of the most special and fabulously pleasurable places on earth. Take your clothes and inhibitions off and enjoy the total freedom.

In Cap d’Agde there are several restaurants ranging from snack shops serving hamburgers and pizzas and hotdogs to fancy full sit down restuarants serving fine cuisine. After all you are in France. There are also super markets, cafes, bars, ATMs, night clubs and countless stores selling very racy sexy clothes to suit every taste. Also stores selling beach wear, umbrellas, rubber footwear, suntan lotion and more.  So if you didn’t pack the right clothes, don’t worry as you will find everything you need here on sale.

Cap d’Agde is of course for nudists and the adult beach is the only area where its mandatory nudism but the rest is clothing optional. What is exciting is that when it comes to dinner women arrive in various states of naked which is very exciting and entertaining to say the least. During one dinner we saw a beautiful lady arriving wearing her short white jean jacket, high heels and nothing else. Another lady was wearing a short dress made of fishnet with nothing underneath. Lovely !!! we are in Cap d’Agde and its everything we thought it would be and so much more.

Laying back and enjoying the lovely views….

Food shopping and you don’t have to worry about what to wear..

Bikinis are so over rated…

leave all your clothes in the car.. you won’t be needing them..

topless is boring, I think I’m going bottomless today…

You can be as creative as you like with your evening outfit…

The beach is an interesting scene. From the entrance near the Helipolis hotel you will arrive at the section for nudists of all ages, families with small children, grand father and grand mother and everyone else from 2 to 92 as they say. Walk towads left until you walk passed the restaurant with two mermaids on the sand and big triangular shaped flags with dark wood deck and you will enter the adult and free sex section of the beach which is another world in itself. In this section anything goes. Sex, voyeurism, group sex, three somes, four somes and everything else you can imagine. It is not unusual for a voyeurist man to be within few centimeters of a naked woman who is sunbathing with her husband / boyfriend as long as there is no physical contact without prior permission.

What is interesting is that every few minutes you will see a group of people gathering aroud a scene which has broken out, usually they will be watching a group or couple sex activity that is taking place and what is even more interesting is that subtle sexual contacts can occur between the audience whom are viewing this ongoing scene.

Leaving little to the imagination !

Many times a couple invite a single man to join them for some fun on the beach. It could be a person they met at one of the clubs the night before or someone they just met few seconds ago on the beach.
Club Glamour is a couple’s only club which is by many considered to be the best.  It costs about Euro 70 to enter. Inside there is a large dance floor with 2 bars and a big underground section with many theme rooms for couples and even a nice dark room for the super adventurous ones. The dark room is not to be missed as those entering are open to just about anything and as its totally anonymous all inhibitions are checked at the door. Club Glamour is also known for their fabulous daytime foam parties where foam is floating freely all over and people are sliding on each others naked bodies.

Walking to the beach topless !

Then there are clubs like Jeux de Mains. ( Hand Games ) and Histoir d’Or which are open to single men as well. These club often attract couples and ladies who are open to being entertained by single or many single men. Nights at these club can be wild. Many men bring their wives or girlfriends here so that they can enjoy other men. There are several clubs that allow single men in the village. There are also play clubs outside the naturist village and you can obtain information on them from the various hotel staff.

There are several hotels inside the naturist village. Ranging from basic such as Heliopolis to a 3 star such as Hotel Eve ( http://www.hoteleve.com ) and a bit more fancy such as Ozz Inn ( http://www.oz-inn-hotel.com ) . There also apartments which you can rent by the day, week or month inside the naturist village ( http://www.cap-nat.com ). There is also a rental office just before the main entrace gate which can arrange the rental for you. Generally hotels outside the naturist village offer better value.

You can also purchase apartments if you wish and there are various realtors / Immobiliers which can assist you and they will also rent it out for you when you’re not using it.

Hotels such as Helios ( http://www.hotel-helios.com & Grenadine ( http://www.hotelgrenadines.com )  both 3 star, offer very good value and are only minutes away from the main gate.

Stay tuned for more fresh up to date, reliable and accurate information coming soon.